Five Best Fine Dining Place Jakarta, Indonesia

These days, with the increasing stress level in everyday life, taking a short break to maintain your sanity is an important thing to do. For those who love to do culinary trips and want to try gourmet eating, visiting fine dining restaurant can be a solution. In this article, we will describe some of the best fine dining place, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The list below will give a brief explanation about the recommended fine dining restaurant in Jakarta.

  • View: this restaurant is situated in Fairmont Hotel, at 22nd floor to be exact. It offers a cool impression on modern cuisine of Europe, mixed local ingredients to create a great mixture of European and Asian taste. Their famous chef named Andrew Zarzosa will present you an art in a form of foods with his top notch cooking technique. The food presented to you will stimulate not only visually but also other senses, including your taste buds.
  • Altitude at The Plaza: this restaurant is a place for those who look for a fine dining place with unique style. Located on The Plaza’s 46th floor, the restaurant is divided into three different areas. The first area is called Enmaru, specializing Japanese cuisine. The second area is Gaia that serves Italian cuisine, and the last area is called Salt Grill. This area provides the signature menus from Luke Mangan, a celebrity chef, in a form of Australian Wines combined with fine seafood and meat.
  • Bistecca: this restaurant is recommended only recently. Owned by Chef Luca Pezzera and the Union Group, these steakhouses boast its classic bar for Martini and Italian-American tastes. Its establishment was inspired by the iconic Florence ristoranti and awesome steakhouses in New York. It serves the finest martini in Jakarta and the magnificent pieces from prime meats grilled with charcoal. The must try menu is the 1 kg BisteccaFiorentina.
  • Sriwijaya: this restaurant presents the best cuisine of Progressive Indonesian, a contemporary style of Indonesian cuisine served using cooking techniques from France, which make the foods look very elegant. This restaurant is inspired by Sriwijaya Kingdom, an 8th century kingdom that once resided in Indonesia. The ambience offered by this restaurant is very majestic and warm. The service provided is very impeccable. This is certainly a must-visit fine dining in Jakarta.
  • OKU Jakarta: in this restaurant, you will be greeted with a completely different Japanese cuisine compared to the common omakase dishes you usually find in exclusive Japanese restaurant. The food presented in this restaurant has a modern impression with the combination of traditional flair. The mix of perfected techniques, best ingredients, and finest texture will surely blow your taste buds.

Those are several recommended fine dining place in Jakarta that you can visit with your family to spend your free time on the weekend. Make sure to check your available budget because these kinds of restaurants surely need extra money to spend. However, for all the tastes and ambience it offers these restaurants surely worth all the prices.

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