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Buying Guide: Things You Should Consider For Making Custom Pillow Case

When your home space especially your bedroom gets boring, it is a sign that you should make some improvements in your room. You can start by replacing yourpillow case with something fresh, something unique. Making custom pillow cover can be the best way to get a new and fresh look. In fact, there are things to considers before you start creating your costume cushion or pillow cover. Buying guide for custom pillow case may be helpful and useful for you who are beginners in pillow cover making.

We would like to break down several things that you need to know for making your perfect custom pillow case. The first thing that will be questioned by the custom pillow cover service is the size preference. It is important for you to choose the right size. There are three pillow or cushion case sizes including standard (53 x 76 cm), square (65 x 65 cm), as well as king (53 x 94 cm). And, if you have a pillow which you will not find the exact size, you should make sure the exact size of your custom pillow cover size. You need to know that every bed linen in the market has a set thread count. For you information, thread count speaks louder about the quality of your pillow case, make sure that you want to have soft and comfortable costume pillow cover. And, at least the thread count should be 200-300. However, it depends on your preference.

The next important thing is the material. You cannot put this thing aside. We are sure that you will find various material for pillow case and you may confuse of it. But, the best custom pillow case is usually made of Sateen Cotton, Polyester, as well as Egyptian Cotton. The Egyptian cotton is the finest material in the world for a pillow cover. If you love something luxurious and expensive, this material is perfect for you. Soft, lightweight, and durable are the benefits. For you custom pillow, we suggest you use the polyester material, especially for printing method. In fact, this has a great ink absorption. Next is the most important thing to make your personalized pillow custom. You should consider the aesthetics of the surrounding. There are many ways to aesthetically make a custom pillow. You can make from unique fabric motif, add some photos on it, or make ethnic motif by dying it. It is important because it will deliver a comfy and unique nuance in every room in your house.